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Our Story

Born and raised in Croatia, as a young girl, Neva discovered her love for art which she expressed
through various lessons and lectures in ceramics, painting, and design. At the age of sixteen, she
started her career in fashion, modelling for internationally renowned designers and travelling
around the world all while continuing to honor her love for the arts and fashion, paying specific
attention to jewelry.

In 2017, while living in London, she pursued a bachelor’s degree in law and in 2018 she moved
to Los Angeles to pursue a master’s degree in International Business Law. Given her extensive
knowledge of the law and luxury industry, she continued to work for international luxury brands.

A trip to Florence in 2020 makes her fall in love with jewelry making as she strolls through the
shops on the famous Ponte Vecchio. She then attends the Florentine Alchimia Contemporary
Jewelry School studying the art of jewelry making under a renowned set of teachers and artists.
There, she begins to work closely and intimately with jewelry and identifies a void in the market
for fine jewelry designed to be worn every day with an accent on hand-made, unique, customized

She further refines her creative techniques and forms her signature look of organic shapes and
sculpted forms.
In 2022, she founded Studio Piattellina with her refreshingly directional, sustainable and deeply
personal approach to creating fine jewelry. The name of the brand comes from the name of the
street in Florence where she first learned the art of silversmithing and goldsmithing.

Studio Piattellina features modern jewelry with an elemental touch, featuring hand-carved
textures, clean lines and use of precious stones. Each of the collections is unique and produced
either as a one-off piece or in small series. Due to the specific sand-casting technique each piece
remains unique and no two are ever the same. In an effort to offer intimacy and a distinct design
for the wearer, Studio Piattellina also offers custom designs based on your personal
characteristics and tailored fully to you. 

With a commitment to sustainability, all pieces are locally made from responsibly sourced 18k,
24k Gold and 925, and 999 Sterling Silver, as well as certified precious stones and other
recyclable materials.

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